The Written Word: A TurnItIn Podcast on Writing

Check out this great resource from TurnItIn: The Written Word.┬áIt’s a podcast on writing. Of course, integrity issues are at the forefront (it is turnitin after all), but it is so much more. I have enjoyed listening to the episodes and look forward to future ones. Enjoy!

“The Ultimate Guide to Copyright [and Plagiarism] for Students”

This week, one of the creators of reached out to me with their great resource for Plagiarism Education.

WhoIsHostingThis is a free tool that allows anyone to see who hosts a particular website. One of the most common uses of the tool is in the course of investigating plagiarism and/or copyright infringement.

The website is really detailed and offers great info and videos to share with your students. Check it out in the link below.

WhoIsHostingThis Copyright and Plagiarism Guide