New York Times Plagiarism Education


Here’s a great website I found care of “The Learning Network” from The New York Times:New York Times Learning Network: Plagiarism Education

The site has all sorts of lesson plans, tools, tips, videos, and more that can help you instruct your students about plagiarism. As they put it, “The middle and high school years are an opportunity to shape healthy attitudes in a lower-stakes environment. But for many students, poor habits are formed ahead of college.” This website can help you instruct your middle school and high school students in the good habits of avoiding plagiarism.

Plagiarism Tutorial



This week I created an online tutorial that gives nine different scenarios and asks students to identify whether or not the scenario is a incident of academic dishonesty. I got the idea from a required task I had to complete during my first semester of graduate school. Here is the link:

As you can see, the scenarios cover real life situations the students may encounter over the course of a year. Completing this tutorial at the beginning of the year ensures that the students are aware that some of their actions are seen as cheating/plagiarism/academic dishonesty.

This resource is free to use for all teachers (use it in your classrooms with my blessing 🙂 ). However, the best thing to do with this resource is to use it as a template to construct your own. If you are not adepth at things like computer coding, do what I did and utilize the skills of students in your schools. This makes the plagiarism tutorial an example of students helping students, and that is doubly great! Here are a few other examples that can help:;;;

*My great thanks to my student, Evan Bestic, for helping me design the site.