More Plagiarism Education Games!!!!


Check out these great sites for anti-plagiarism games:

They include information on citation, information literacy, avoiding plagiarism, and much more. A good, fun way to educate your students or review plagiarism and how to avoid it.
****Special thanks to teacher-librarian at the International School of Nanshan Shenzhen, Allen Chase, for sending them my way.

Three Resources to Bring FUN to Plagiarism Education

This month, I wanted to highlight three great resources that add some fun to your plagiarism teachingAcadiau University Plagiarism Tutorial. It’s hard to get students to have fun learning about how to avoid plagiarism, but these resources might do the trick. Check them out!

  • Acadiau University Plagiarism Tutorial

A fun way to learn about plagiarism, citing, etc.


  • Lycoming University Plagiarism Game

A Plagiarism Game where students can have fun learning about how to avoid plagiarism


  • Plagiarism Video from EasyBib

A great video that succinctly covers the ins-and-outs of plagiarism.