StopPlagiarism.org is dedicated to help teachers end student plagiarism. Student plagiarism is a serious issue not just academically, but emotionally, socially, morally, and individually. Plagiarism destroys the student’s ability for original thought and creative expression. Within today’s digital world, students–even great ones–face a great temptation to plagiarize their work. It is the responsibility of teachers to provide the environment to discourage and combat this temptation.  This blog will look at ways to do just that by providing tools and resources to help teachers everywhere.

John Thompson has taught writing and literature for eight years as an elementary, middle school, high school, and university teacher. He has taught in the United States as well as overseas in Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, and the United Arab Emirates. Currently, he is completing his master degree in English at Harvard University. According to him, honesty, creativity, courage, and simplicity are the four most important elements of good writing. Plagiarism destroys each one.  He believes plagiarism to be a serious academic issue for students in Primary and Secondary education and is dedicated to educating teachers about the issue of plagiarism as well as helping them provide a learning environment that discourages its practice.

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