New Technologies in Education Conference in Belgrade Serbia (February 2016)

The British Council located in Belgrade, Serbia will be holding a conference n “New Technologies in Education” in late February. I am presenting on “Bridging the Gap”–connecting high school education with university education through the lens of developing critical thinking skills. The key issue I will work through is the need for plagiarism detection software in high school as the tool to develop critical thinking skills.

My presentation is in partnership with Turn It In’s European Educator Network. Of course, in March I will do a post on the conference as well as provide an online link to my presentation. Until then, I would appreciate feedback from high school teachers (and university profs) about any issues relating to my presentation. Your feedback will help me as I engage educators at the conference. Please leave your feedback in the comments section of this post. Here is a description of my presentation, and below it is a link to the conference webpage.

John Thompson

Bridging the gap

When students enter higher education they are facing specific requirements regarding critical and original thinking. They need to understand how to respect copyright and how to declare when they are using other people’s ideas. The use of anti-plagiarism technology can help students get prepared for this transition and bridge the gap between secondary and higher education.

John is the Head of the Literature and Writing Department and a Literature and Writing Teacher at QSI International School of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He holds advanced degrees from Duke University, the University of California, and Harvard University. He focuses on decreasing student plagiarism through the use of educational technology. He also provides training to fellow teachers, and with his guidance, they have started using technology to provide student feedback and increase student originality.

One thought on “New Technologies in Education Conference in Belgrade Serbia (February 2016)

  1. I teach English at the high school level during the day and English Composition and Rhetoric at the university level at night. I have used for both levels of writers and get more success with college students reading and using the plagiarism and grammar reviews than I do my high school sophomores. I am truly interested in programs that will not only review and identify plagiarism in work by my students but also teach them at the specific moment and example of their error how to repair their mistakes. No Red Ink has a small section that helps in their extensive grammar program, but I would love to see something almost as extensive as NRI for research and MLA/APA citations alone. If there are any other technologies I am not aware of that you can pass on, I would love more information.


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