Plagiarism Tutorial



This week I created an online tutorial that gives nine different scenarios and asks students to identify whether or not the scenario is a incident of academic dishonesty. I got the idea from a required task I had to complete during my first semester of graduate school. Here is the link:

As you can see, the scenarios cover real life situations the students may encounter over the course of a year. Completing this tutorial at the beginning of the year ensures that the students are aware that some of their actions are seen as cheating/plagiarism/academic dishonesty.

This resource is free to use for all teachers (use it in your classrooms with my blessing 🙂 ). However, the best thing to do with this resource is to use it as a template to construct your own. If you are not adepth at things like computer coding, do what I did and utilize the skills of students in your schools. This makes the plagiarism tutorial an example of students helping students, and that is doubly great! Here are a few other examples that can help:;;;

*My great thanks to my student, Evan Bestic, for helping me design the site.

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