I Love Turn It In!

Last year, I was put in charge of the school’s selection of plagiarism software. Initially, I was told by our administrator’s that the software was unnecessary. This, I pointed out, was ridiculously naive. Students, even the best students, are always tempted to plagiarize. That’s a part of our digital world. I did my research and looked at all the types of software out there. Without a doubt, I was most impressed with turnitin.com.  So, I raised funds to purchase a membership with turnitin.com.

I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the platform, the simple steps for students to upload papers, and the depth of their servers in rooting out unoriginal writing (see below for a description of this impressive depth). I trained all of my colleagues and began offering PD’s focusing on turnitin.com as a great tool for eliminating student plagiarism.

But, why go to the hastle at all? For me, turnitin.com and all of the other tools are not just about decreasing plagiarism, but it’s also about increasing original and creative thinking and writing. That’s the goal of all education no matter what grade.

Please, share your own experience with turnitin.com (or another plagiarism reducing software or website) in the comments below.

***turnitin.com has three databases which it compares student papers to: 1) A copy of the entire internet!, 2) An offline database of academic papers, and 3) Any paper ever submitted to the website itself.  Pretty impressive!

One thought on “I Love Turn It In!

  1. Our school uses Turnitin and we love it. We even use it in the middle/junior high level. I am a looping Language Arts teachers and I find my 6th graders plagiarize as much as my 8th graders do. We are a 1:1 school and my students have the temptation daily. Turnitin has “scared” them on a few occasions and they don’t do it.


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